Our Services

Spark Technologies is an innovative company which aims to provide a range of services to households and businesses in Cyprus.

Our investors have developed solutions and framework for future technology solutions.


We can act as consultants and advisors during the study of a project and help deliver it through our own network.

Payment Systems

We have helped develop and provide payment systems software to various businesses for online and offline use.

Global Services

We specialize in providing our services in Cyprus, we can work globally and easily access to Europe and MENA region.

Eco & Future Energy

We want to help drive the move to greener technologies, pave the way for photovoltaics, electromobility & energy savings

Energy Solutions

We are developing solutions for the energy industry paving the way for cost savings & providing better services to homes & businesses.

Future Proof Services

Reducing our carbon footprint is something we all need to think of. Our consultation can help you, your home & your business to be more energy efficient & access financial benefits such as grants, tax breaks & savings.

Spark Technologies Pricing

Whilst we have set pricing for our consulting services, our scope and pricing depends on the requirements and complexity of the project. Please get in touch with us for a free initial consultation.